How involved should I be?

Initially your child may need a fair amount of support and encouragement. Some students adjust very well to the university environment while others may feel overwhelmed.

Similarly, some adapt to the new learning methods easily while others find the lack of close monitoring of their progress and completion of tasks surprising. They will soon realise that they have much more personal responsibility for their study than they did at school.

If your child seems unsettled about the new situation, try to put them at ease and reassure them that moving away from the security of the school system is an essential transition, regardless of whether they choose a university education. Curtin Malaysia is an ideal and supportive place to exercise and experiment with this freedom. Allow them to explore their own methods of time management and self-motivation and guide them wherever possible.

Encourage your child to seek advice from us if they have specific issues that need attention. We provide comprehensive on-campus support for all students.