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Curtin graduates are eligible for an alumni discount on their postgraduate studies.

    The discount scheme applies to alumni enrolling in any postgraduate course (Masters or Doctor of Philosophy– either by coursework or research) at Curtin Malaysia. Alumni who qualify for the scheme will receive a 20% discount on their fees for the entire duration of their courses.
    1. Not applicable to students currently holding other postgraduate scholarships or are on other discount schemes introduced by Curtin Malaysia.
    2. Not applicable to Leave of Absence and repeat of failed units.
    3. This scheme only discounts the tuition fee. It does not discount other fees (e.g. Student Services and Amenities Fees and Ancillary or incidental fees).
  3. CLOSING DATE  – 4 weeks after commencement of class.
  4. SUBMISSION –   Application Form must be submitted on or before the closing date.
  5. Supporting documents for Alumni Discount Scheme
    1. Alumni Discount Application Form.
    2. Curtin University Award Certificate.
    3. Enrolment Advise Slip.

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