Sibling Discounts

Exclusive discounts for siblings

New students of Curtin Malaysia enrolling in February/March & July/August intakes who have a sibling also enrolled in the University can apply for an exclusive discount on their sibling’s first-year course fee.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Eligible applicants are entitled to 10% off their first-year course fees. Calculation of the course fees will be based on the time they enrolled.
  2. Applicant must have ‘direct’ sibling with complete enrolment record (applicable to both alumni of Curtin Malaysia and sibling with active enrolment with Curtin Malaysia) while applicant submits the sibling application.
  3. Completed application forms (attached with Birth Certificates) must be submitted to the Marketing Department on or before the closing date as follow:
    • Foundation: 4th week after class commencement
    • Degree: 4th week after class commencement
  4. Completed application form received after the 4th week of class commencement will not be processed.
  5. New IEP student can apply but the entitlement is only effective after completion of IEP and re-enrolment to either Foundation or Degree program.

Late applications will not be entertained.

For enquiries, kindly contact the Marketing Department at +60 85 630000 or email:

Sibling Discounts Application

Download the form below to apply for the exclusive Sibling Discount now

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