Curtin Shuttle Service

The university operates a shuttle service between university accommodation and campus. Shuttle service to the city centre is also available on Saturday during the semester.


You will usually find a few taxis waiting in front of the larger shopping complexes and the major hotels, which are conveniently also located close to the nightlife of Miri.

Miri Taxi Service can be contacted on mobile : 013-8381000, landline: 085-431000 or email:

Miri Executive Taxi Service is located in Krokop and is open 24 hours. They can be contacted at 012-8704521.

An average trip from the cafés, bars and restaurants situated at the Pujut Traffic Circle to campus will cost you around 35RM. A taxi between downtown Miri and Campus can cost RM45 or more. Expect to pay slightly more late in the evening.


You can drive with an international driver’s license in Malaysia for up to 90 days. Afterwards you must apply for a Malaysian license. Drivers from certain countries, such as Germany, Australia and Singapore, are able to apply to convert their licenses for class D car licenses. Check with the Road Transport Department to see if you are eligible.

There are three types of licenses available in Malaysia. If you are getting a driver’s license for the first time in your life, you need to go to driving school and apply for a Learner’s Driving License (LDL). Once you have passed the exam successfully you receive a Probationary Driving License (PDL), which after two years of no offenses can be updated to a Competent Driving License (CDL). Foreigners driving in Malaysia receive the CDL when they exchange the driver’s license from their home country for a Malaysian one after taking the required written test.


Cycling in Miri can be dangerous. If you decide to cycle, please remember that, like pedestrians, priority is often not given to cyclists by motorists, so one thing to remember is to always stay on the side of the road and never stray into the road unless it is clear!

We want to ensure that your bike ride to and from Curtin is safe and enjoyable. So remember that all road rules apply, including on campus, which means giving way to pedestrians and wearing a helmet.

Keeping your bike secure while it’s on campus is also important, so here’s some tips:

  1. Always use a secure rack, where possible
  2. Ensure you use a good quality lock at all times
  3. Report any suspicious activity
  4. Photograph your bike with its serial number
  5. Engrave your drivers licence number onto your bike to enable easier identification of ownership

Contact our Security team to report all incidents of damage or theft.