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Still unsure what course to study? Why not start with a personality test to see what course you’re most suited for. It will take no more than 5 minutes. Then chat with one of our recruitment staff for more information and advice.

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I love to work on cars

I love to play puzzles
I am good at working independently
I like to work in teams
I am an ambitious person, I always set goals for myself
I like to have my things organized and to be neat and tidy
I love to build things
I love arts and music
I like to have clear instructions to follow
I like to try to influence or persuade people
I enjoy doing experiments
I love to teach or train people
I love to help people solve their problems
I love to take care of animals
I don't mind working 8 hours per day in an office
I like promoting and selling things
I enjoy creative writing
I love science
I am quick to take on new responsibilities
I am interested in healing people
I enjoy figuring out how things work
I like putting things together or assembling things
I am a creative person
I am a detail oriented person
I love to do filing or typing
I like to analyze problems or situations
I love to play music instruments or sing
I enjoy learning about other cultures
I wish to start my own business one day
I love cooking
I like acting in plays
I am a practical person
I love working with numbers and statistics
I like to get into discussions about issues
I am good at keeping records of my work
I like to lead people
I enjoy working outdoors
I would like to work in an office
I’m good at maths
I love helping people
I love to draw

I like to give speeches

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(Source: The Holland Code (RIASEC) Career Test)

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